Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

The D-Site Regional Branch Heads are a group of five minor NPC characters in the DS Game. They serve as initial guides for the game's mechanics and story in each new Chapter.


Each Branch Head is located outside a corresponding D-Site in the towns around the world: Euro Town in Europe, Gobi Village in Asia, Dustberg in North America, scoping out a prospective site at Polar Point in Antarctica, and Kalimba Park in Africa. Despite each being from different countries, they all share a similar appearance.

They must each be talked to to invite them to a dinosaur conference as part of a postgame side quest for a gentleman in Dustberg, earning the player money and a sell item.


  • The Branch Head sent to seek a D-Site location in Antarctica appears to be from South America, likely due to proximity and how South America isn't visited, its dinosaurs being distributed as Mystery Fossils or buried as Antarctic Fossils instead.



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