Dinosaur King

The D-Lab is a dinosaur researching laboratory owned by Dr. Spike Taylor and Reese Drake, topped with near-future technology that allows the D-Team to teleport and contact people from far away places. It is seen in many episodes of the first season, and is one of the most frequently seen locations and establishing shots alongside Max's house and Zeta Point.


The D-Lab

The appearance of the D-lab is based mostly on prehistoric things, the front being based on a ceratopsian head (seemingly Triceratops), and featuring a plesiosaur statue outside near a small flower patch shaped like a stegosaur. Inside the building there are paintings of dinosaurs and lots of fossils, including three giant fossils of a Tyrannosaurus, Placerias, and a Tupuxuara. Many of the devices, like the display screens, are also dinosaur-themed in aesthetic, and stylized theropod footprints are stamped all over.


The D-Lab is the D-Team's headquarters, from which they teleport to other countries in the first series to capture the wild dinosaurs. Reese keeps the captured dinosaur cards and also made and modifies the Dino Holders here. Its computer can also more precisely pin down where the Dino Holders have detected the new dinosaur, though in some episodes the Holders alone are enough for the D-Team to name its location.

This building may be Reese's private building, as she tells Zoe in the second episode, "Zoe, didn't I tell you not to come in without asking?"