Crystal Break (Crystal Crusher in some English media) is an Earth Move Card. It only appeared in the arcade and DS games.


Crystal Break

Crystal Break arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 2nd Edition+)

It is the first After-effect Move for Earth.
  • Names:
    • Japanese Kanji: 結晶衝破 (Crystal Blast)
    • Taiwanese: 水晶震擊
  • Attribute: Earth
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Usage Condition: This Move activates when you tie with any Sign after a loss triggering and elemental cataclysm.
  • Effect: Four large crystals will rise up from the ground and float around you. Charge with them and ram into your opponent! Their defense is also lowered.



  • Artwork from one of its various arcade cards is seen on the TCG Move Card Ultimate Earth (Kaku 1st) instead of a snapshot from the anime of the Move (the only anime-based Ultimate Move that this happens with). The reason why is likely because they got the moves mixed up.
  • In the DS game it is called Crystal Crusher, and there are three crystals instead of four. The English arcade also calls it Crystal Crusher, but retains all four.


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