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Dinosaur King

Critical Block (Critical Seal 必殺ふうじ "Hissatsu Fuuji" in the Japanese version) is a Normal Move Card. It is not to be confused with the similar Velociraptor Move, Final Fury.


Arcade Stats[]

Normal Move Card Critical Block

Critical Block arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 2nd Edition+)

  • Names:
    • Japanese: 必殺ふうじ
    • Taiwanese: 必殺封技 (Critical Seal)
  • Attribute: Normal
  • Sign: Rock
  • Compatibility Tabs: All
  • Usage Condition: You have to win against your opponent's Critical Move to use this Move.
  • Effect: After your attack, a trio of Velociraptor come and stomp on your opponent, blocking them from attacking with their Critical Move next round!


Anime Stats[]

Screen shot 2012-03-26 at 3.13

Velociraptor "Multiple Move" card back, which includes Critical Block

  • Attribute: Normal
  • Owner: Seth, Rod (Alpha Gang)
  • Used by: Terry
  • Debut: Metal Imbalance
  • Used to Block: Chomp, Ace, Paris
  • Effect: A trio of Velociraptor appear and pounce on your opponent, stopping them from using their Move Cards!
  • Other: Critical Block seems to have never existed as its own card. Instead, it and Final Fury are part of the same triangular Velociraptor "Multiple Move" Card created by Seth from the Velociraptor trio's original Dinosaur Card. Despite its effectiveness, Critical Block was only ever used twice in quick succession, after which the Multiple Move card was never seen or mentioned again.


  • Both the Critical Block and Final Fury arcade cards each have artworks that display the Velociraptor attacking the opponent and standing beside the dinosaur using the Move. The only way to distinguish the two Moves is by comparing the Japanese names: Final Fury has 4 characters in its name; Critical Block has 5 characters in its name, the last of which looks like a backwards capital "J" with a double-quote mark in the top-right gap (this: じ).
  • Critical Block’s Japanese name uses the word "Hissatsu" (必殺 / ひっさつ, depending on the style), which is also used in Move descriptions to refer to Critical Moves, though the word often instead implies "finisher" or "deathblow" rather than its English equivalent. The same word is used in Quick Strike's name, approximating "Critical Notice", despite the English name not reflecting this.
  • The anime's Critical Block stops your opponent from activating Move Cards, which more closely matches the arcade's similar Troodon Move, Move Block, instead.
  • In the arcade, no damage is dealt by the Velociraptors themselves when Critical Block is activated, despite having the same animation as the damage-dealing Final Fury.
  • Artwork from several of its various arcade cards are used on the TCG Move Cards Pin Down (DKCG only) (07 1st/1st+), Pile On (06 5th), and Confusing Leap (06 4th).



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