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Dinosaur King
Copper imposing

Mr. Copper posing as more important than he is

Mr. Copper is the first-mate aboard Blackbeard's pirate ship during the Caribbean Sea Arc of Mesozoic Meltdown (ep. 55-58). He is voiced by Eric Stuart in the English dub.

Character Design[]


Despite being second in command of a group of ruthless pirates, he is easily frightened and largely inept. He wears an eye-patch despite having two good eyes because he wanted to fit in. Blackbeard's parrot constantly comments on his bad smell.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Copper first appears in Dinosaurs of the Caribbean in 1718, standing centerstage amid the pirates cornering Jim and the D-Team, only for the actual boss Blackbeard to shove him aside and take over from there, Blackbeard's parrot quickly switching shoulders.

Standing around in more scenes than he contributes to, he is made in X-Treme Map Quest to admit he only fears Blackbeard and not would-be-ghosts in a thick fog, but is immediately scared of the Tyrannosaurus-shaped silhouette that turns out to be a large rock. Copper leads the captured Jim over to the D-Team while trading for the missing half of the treasure map High Sea Chase, later helping grabbing the parrot and tossing a life ring to an overboard pirate as the ship is battered by a storm. He catches Jim stealing back the map as a distracting dinosaur battle rages, but Max and the Pteranodon rescue him.

In Amazing Treasure Race!, Blackbeard is upset Copper can't remember what the map looked like, his parrot revealing Copper's eyepatch is for display only, something Blackbeard considers a sign of a wannabe. After the ship triggers the island to shift going through a tunnel, he stops again-stowaway Jim from jumping off, but the ship goes over a waterfall and splinters. He and Blackbeard remain on a patch of broken planks with the steering wheel, but Blackbeard kicks him off for pointing out a dinosaur fight instead of the treasure; easily climbing back aboard (what's left of) the ship after "walking the plank", he's begrudgingly accepted as a true pirate. Then the British Navy Captain arrives and arrests them, having the testimony of the also-arrested corrupt British Army Officer for Blackbeard and Copper's crimes. When the Backlander flies overhead to retrieve the D-Team, a frightened Copper declares he doesn't want to be a pirate anymore.



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