Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Command Center (presumably also called Alpha Gang Command Center) is a location in Antarctica in the DS game first visited in Chapter 4.


Map - Command Center

Command Center Map

Accessed from the Headquarters in the center south; it contains Dr. Z's final boss battles in the center north. Despite being a later area and the villain's lair, it is partially a peaceful location, still requiring the player to obtain its map from an item case and having static battles, but having no drilling spots or random Alpha Droid encounters.

This location is shown as the Alpha Gang's primary operations center in cutscenes.


Chapter 4

Seeking to rescue Zoe from Dr. Z and stop the Reaper's Wrath meteor, the player faces Dr. Z (2) to retrieve the bottom left Stone Fragment and free Zoe, Dr. Z denying involvement in the Reaper's Wrath's approach. Now possessing all seven Fragments, they combine into the third Stone, the Stones surging with energy to summon aura projections of dinosaurs across the Antarctic landscape and granting Max and Rex the power to launch an aura beam into space and destroy the Reaper's Wrath. The Stones, realized as the voices of the dinosaurs, have used up their power, briefly resurrecting from the boys' tears (Zoe insisting the third Stone defaults to her), but ultimately separating from the DinoShots after Dr. Z carefully sneaks away undetected. As the D-Team resolve that the spirits of the dinosaurs will always be in their hearts, the credits roll.


Returning after the first round of Alpha Gang rematches (battle (3)'s), the player faces Dr. Z (3) to retrieve the bottom left Stone Fragment again. Dr. Z admits Ed stole things from Zoe's room by accident when he was directed to take Reese's things instead to steal her reasearch on the Stone Fragments, stealing them back as he barges past the player to escape again. As the player resolves to retrieve the Fragments again, the credits roll for a second time.

The player can return again later during the second round of Alpha Gang rematches (battle (4)'s), to face Dr. Z (4) repeatedly. The Mystery Fossil Parasaurolophus can be retrieved from an item case only after the second credits but without needing to face Dr. Z (4).


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Main Area[]

Final Boss
Dr. Z (2) [7500 Exp, 250 chell; uncommon Large Dino Drink]
  • Tyrannosaurus P (Attack) LV55 (Red Tail, Critical Bomb, Blazing Spin; Overheat (R))
  • Mapusaurus R (Super Crisis) LV57 (Heat Strike, Heat Attack, Explosion; The Final Burn (R))
  • Saurophaganax S (Super Attack) LV60 (Fire Cannon, Death Fire, Volcano Burst; Magma Blaster (R))
    • "There's no way you meddling kids could ever defeat me!"—uses a move that doesn't lose to player's Critical Move (new Dinosaur).
    • "Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! No one stands in my way!"—uses his Critical Move.
    • "Time for a different move! Eh heh!"—uses a different move after a tie, commonly the stronger one.
    • "How about this? Eh heh heh!"—if 2 options, uses weaker one.
    • "Never been better! Eh heh heh! I have plenty more of that!"—repeats his last winning move.
    • "Not bad, not bad! Eh heh heh… But I'm not giving up now!"—seemingly Critical (?)
    • "What in the…?! We're playing for keeps now!"—unclear; repeats ties? / repeats wins?/if 2 options for player, beats their stronger one? (?)
    • "You expect to beat me like that?! Eh heh heh!"—unclear; loses to ties? / repeats a loss?/beats player's Critical Move? (?)
    • "Hmmm… You little brat! Eh heh heh…"—not consistent, no clear meaning.
  • Winning triggers a cutscene followed by the first credits.


This battle is only available upon returning after defeating the first round of other postgame Alpha Gang rematches. Only previous hints are used, and are not repeated here.

Final Boss
Dr. Z (3) [6030 Exp, 250 chell]
  • Mapusaurus R (Super Crisis) LV67 (Fire Cannon, Critical Bomb, Burst of Flames; Volcano Burst (P))
  • Saurophaganax S (Super Attack) LV69 (Overheat, Heat Attack, Explosion; The Final Burn (R))
  • Eoraptor S (Attack) LV70 (Shock Wave, Critical Bomb, Giga Generator; Angel Breath (P))
    • Winning triggers a cutscene followed by the second credits.

This battle is only available upon returning for the second round of postgame rematches, with no requirements of facing the others prior. Only previous hints are used, and are not repeated here.

Boss (permanent, repeatable)
Dr. Z (4) [6300 Exp, 250 chell]


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Dinosaur Fossils[]

The following can be acquired as set fossils.

  • Mystery Fossils:


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