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About Chibi Dinosaurs[]

Chibi Dinos

Chibi Dinosaurs (collage with official and fan-made designs)

Chibi dinosaurs are practically baby versions of the dinosaurs, with large eyes and small bodies. This type of appearance is used both for some baby dinosaurs and full-grown dinosaurs summoned into smaller forms, though other babies are rendered in CG like the adults. In Japanese, the word "Chibi" means "Little".

Chibis are summoned by slashing the dino's card backwards (up instead of down) on the Stone or Dino Holder (swiping it from the top of the card to the bottom, while sliding it from the bottom to the top will summon them into their full size for battle). Spectre can summon his dinosaur into a chibi by sliding it across his summoner. Dinosaurs summoned by Seth's copied Stones are somehow forever prevented from being summoned as chibis again, likely due to the copies' incomplete nature focused on maximizing power.


Dinosaur King Chibi Dinosaurs

The D-Team and Alpha Gang's chibis

The main dinosaurs' chibi forms are often seen outside of battles. The D-Team's dinos spend most of their time in these forms, wandering around under the guise of "odd-looking dogs" to keep Mrs. Taylor and random strangers from realizing they are dinosaurs. The Alpha Gang's dinosaurs are sometimes also seen wandering around Zeta Point as chibis, sometimes pestering Dr. Z, especially when he was bedridden from a thrown-out back. Whenever Spectre is sitting in his throne, chibi Brontikens is on his lap, sometimes biting at his hand or handkerchief.


Alpha Gang[]

Dr. Z's Secret Dinosaurs[]

These chibi forms are only seen in flashbacks by Dr. Z remembering how he raised them.

Spectral Space Pirates[]


The episode Carnival of Chaos features an array of (presumably animatronic) chibi dinosaurs of species not otherwise seen as chibis, like Euoplocephalus, Altirhinus, Ankylosaurus, Anchiceratops, Acrocanthosaurus, Daspletosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus (both of which are Terry recolors), and others, including a pink Terry that doesn't seem to represent a known Dinosaur King species.

In Tricks of the Traitor, a flashback with Dr. Cretacia and baby Rex shows a stuffed animal which, judging by the color, appears to be a chibi Brachylophosaurus, a dinosaur not otherwise featured in the anime.

Bad Deal features Seth with a fake nondescript chibi theropod made of animated pink gel meant to distract Dr. Z; it was in fact a disguised Gel Jark.



These two are special arcade dinosaurs that resemble chibis, though the chibis of the six main dinosaurs are also seen for a brief transformation sequence when those dinosaurs are used.

  • Mini-King (prototype placeholder for Chomp, also featured in the manga)
  • Tsintao (cartoonish version of Tsintaosaurus, different from its Dainason chibi)

DS Game[]

Identically to the arcade game, the main dinosaur chibis are seen during brief transformation sequences when they are used, as well as being their menu icon and stat page/Dinosaur Encyclopedia models. Mini-King is also available.


The TCG features each of the six main dinosaurs' chibi forms as their own cards, used as pre-forms for their larger counterparts (which together form the Special Dinosaur category). The chibi forms can be summoned from the first turn, and must be present for their larger Battle Mode or Dinotector versions to be summoned out by being placed on top of the chibi's card, both then being treated as a single card after that, such as if they are defeated or returned to the player’s hand by an effect, both are removed from the field at once. Spectral Armor Dinosaurs work the same way.


See Category:Dainason

Dainason is an online webcomic from the arcade's Japanese website featuring otherwise unseen chibis of the dinosaurs. Most known chibis are exclusively from here.


The contents of this section are unofficial and non-canon to anything and everything Dinosaur King.

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