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Water Dinosaurs are an unusual group, including both the sauropods (all groups: Cetiosauridae, Diplodocoidea, Titanosauria, et al.) and the spinosaurid theropods. They are resistant against Fire Moves, but weak against Lightning Moves, and Water Moves are strongest against Fire Dinosaurs and weakest against Lightning Dinosaurs. Water Dinosaur cards in the anime can be activated by any source of water or any liquid containing water.

Their Move Cards involve water being used as a weapon, and several can rob your opponent of using one of their move buttons in the next battle. Two of the Moves can also summon marine reptiles to attack the opponent (Futabasaurus and Ophthalmosaurus). Their TCG abilities involve letting you draw more cards or switch cards in your hand with those on top of your deck.



Dinosaur King Arcade Game - Combat With Water Dinosaurs!

Water Dinosaurs


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