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Secret Dinosaurs (specified on Fossil Cards as ?) are super powerful dinosaurs that can come from any branch of dinosaurs (there is no pattern). They seem to be selected mostly because of their fame or the presence of a unique or obvious feature. The Secret Dinosaurs are Pachycephalosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Deinonychus, Megalosaurus, Apatosaurus, Cryolophosaurus, Eoraptor, and Pawpawsaurus.

In the arcade, all Secret Dinosaur cards have a heat sensitive pigment over the images, as well as on their names, except for in their second arcade series cards in which they have erasable ink instead; they have high compatibility with all Normal Moves and nearly the highest Strength and Technique stats, despite the two scaling inversely for other dinosaurs. Their Moves, which are only they can use, feature rainbow glows (except for Pawpawsaurus, who has pink hearts) and are stronger than most other Moves. Their TCG abilities are as varied as the dinosaurs belonging to the Element, though several involve placing the same restriction both on the opponent and the player using the dinosaur. In the DS game, Secret and Anime Dinosaurs feature the same special stat curves no regular Dinosaurs possess, having rather low Attack Power and HP, but very high Technique. Except Eoraptor, the other Secret Dinosaurs are not normally available to the player without cheating in the DS game (although Deinonychus had been distributed, it was only in Japan). In the anime, they are shown as overwhelmingly powerful compared to other dinosaurs.

In the anime[]

The question mark in the symbol on the back of the dinosaur card does not exist on anime cards; instead, it merely has the starburst and rainbow lights behind it.

The Secret Dinosaurs are a 7th attribute, and there is no Stone Tablet for this element. The element was created by Dr. Z when he first altered his Pachycephalosaurus by fusing a Move Card onto its head; all anime Secret Dinosaurs are likewise artificially strengthened or specially trained, though no full-sized versions of them prior to this upgrade are seen. The Secret Dinosaurs emit a rainbow aura from their bodies that can be blindingly bright at times and are already equipped with their own Move Cards. Their cards are activated by sunlight reflecting or refracting off or through something into a rainbow, or by any array of multicolored lights. Pawpawsaurus (as a Secret Dinosaur) and Eoraptor do not appear in the anime, although Pawpawsaurus's Move Card form did.

Move Cards[]

Each Secret Dinosaur (except Eoraptor) has three unique Super Moves that only it can use, as none of them have separate cards (usually).

In the arcade game, these Moves each have a corresponding Rock-Paper-Scissors sign (one with each of the three signs for each dinosaur), and are unlocked by the player swiping any Normal Move Card with the corresponding sign that indicates a Technique requirement (e.g. Tail Smash needs 200 Technique, Atomic Bomb needs 500, etc.); these are notably 9 of the 15 Normal Moves introduced in the first arcade wave. (The Japanese Wikipedia page on Dinosaur King claims the specific requirement is a Normal Move without the "!" sign on it, though this refers to the same collection of cards.[1]) Secret Moves will activate if the dinosaur wins with the Move's corresponding Sign when the Secret symbol is shown in that Sign's icon onscreen, though what determines this to happen is a species-unique requirement, which can often change between arcade updates.

In the anime, their Moves are inherent abilities they can activate on their own or on command; dialogue suggests that at least some of them had their cards, in particular Pachycephalosaurus, fused with Move Cards to give them these abilities, explaining their cards' grey-yellow gradient design blending the approximate colors of both dinosaur and Move cards. Most only display the ability to use 1-2 of the Moves present in the arcade game, with only the second Deinonychus trio using all of theirs. These Moves are particularly powerful; though Pachycephalosaurus using its Move quickly drains its energy, no other Secret Dinosaurs suffer from this drawback, likely indicating Dr. Z's experiment is to blame.

In the DS Game (where they are called Mystery Dinosaurs), their Moves do indeed have cards, but they can only be given to their corresponding dinosaur, and have specific requirements to be used to their full effect, such as winning or losing so many times that battle, only using the default attack animations when not properly triggered. Some of the Moves are given different names than in other media, but still use the same base animation (though sometimes with simpler graphics, and Megalosaurus's are similar but unique, possibly indicating they were prototype versions later finalized in the arcade).

In the TCG, all Secret Dinosaurs have an unnamed extra ability that lets them use Super Moves of any Element so long as they meet any other requirements listed on the card, such as Sign. This replaces their unique Secret Moves, which aren't in the TCG at all, save for one, which likewise can only be used by its corresponding dinosaur.

All Secret Moves for a dinosaur have a central theme relating to that dinosaur. Pachycephalosaurus' Moves involve using its thick head dome, and Therizinosaurus' involve its huge claws. Fossil evidence suggests Deinonychus may have been a pack hunter, so its Moves revolve around teamwork between members of a pack. Cryolophosaurus was discovered in Antarctica, hence its ice-themed Moves (though the continent wasn't frozen over when it lived there). Apatosaurus was famous for long being synonymized with Brontosaurus, whose name means "thundering lizard", so its Moves seem electricity-based (despite the fact that the dinosaur also has a Water Dinosaur form). For an unclear reason, Megalosaurus' Moves are based on telekinesis. Pawpawsaurus' Moves are based around teamwork between members of a Pawpawsaurus family (potentially because "Pawpaw" sounds like "papa", a borrowed term sometimes used in Japan, and the main Pawpawsaurus seems to have the role of the father). And as one of the earliest dinosaurs, Eoraptor has the ability to "evolve" into a later dinosaur from each of the 6 other Elements (with a different list between the arcade and DS games); in the arcade, it evolves before and stays for the whole battle and can use a default group of their Super Moves, while in the DS, it stays itself but can be given any Super Move and becomes a shadow clone of that Element only to use it.


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