Not to be confused with the Four-Frame Manga exclusive to the Japanese arcade's website.

The Dinosaur King manga adaptation is an under-documented aspect of the franchise written and drawn by Yohei Sakai and produced by the VIZ Kids section of VIZ Media, LLC. It is rated 'A' for All Ages and originally cost $7.99 USD per volume, of which 2 are confirmed, releasing February 2 and April 6, 2010, both featuring bonus TCG cards. It notably features Mini-King in place of Chomp as Max's main dinosaur partner and Benjamin in place of Ace as Rex's without seeming to include Zoe, also being set mainly in prehistoric times as opposed to the present.


Volume 1Edit

Dinosaurking 01 cvr

Manga Volume 1 cover

From promotional material:

"Dinosaur King […] tells the story of Max who is obsessed with dinosaurs. He knows his Tapejara from his Pteranodon and can find fossils better than a trained paleontologist. When he discovers a stone tablet that transports him to the age of dinosaurs, it's a dream come true—until it becomes a nightmare. From King, his new dinosaur friend, Max learns that an evil genius named Dr. Z has enslaved the dinosaurs so he can use their hidden powers to take over the world! Now Max has to defeat Dr. Z and his Alpha Gang to save the ancient beasts and life as we know it."[1]

Volume 2Edit

Manga Vol 2 front

Manga Volume 2 cover

From promotional material:

"King's mother is trapped somewhere in Alpha Mountain, and it's up to Max to rescue her. But Dr. Z has set perilous traps for him at every turn! He and King are more in sync than ever with their attacks, but will it be enough to defeat the Alpha Gang and conquer Alpha Mountain?"[2]




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