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Lightning Dinosaurs (雷) are mainly from the ceratopsid family, but can be from any branch of Ceratopsia; a website Dino Holder game also featured Pachycephalosaurus as a Lightning Dinosaur, implying all of Marginocephalia have the Element. These dinosaurs are resistant to Water Moves but weak to Earth Moves, and their Move Cards are strong against Water Dinosaurs and weak against Earth Dinosaurs. In the anime, Lightning Dinosaur cards can be activated by lightning bolts, static sparks, or any other form of electricity.

Their Move Cards involve visible surges of electricity to shock their opponent, sometimes formed into objects. Their arcade/DS effects can often involve boosting their own Attack, and their TCG Abilities often involve robbing their opponents of their Abilities or have effects that only work or get stronger when you have multiple Lightning Dinosaurs in play, as the animals lived in herds.



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Lightning Dinosaurs


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