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Grass Dinosaurs (草) are from the ornithopod group, mainly the hadrosaurids and iguanodonts. These dinosaurs are resistant to Earth Moves but weak to Wind Moves, and their Move Cards are strong against Earth Dinosaurs and weak against Wind Dinosaurs. In the anime, Grass Dinosaur cards can be activated by contact with any source of plantlife.

Many of their Move Cards summon other dinosaurs to aid them in attacks or attack for them, such as Pteranodon, Seismosaurus, or Minmi, and some also deal with directly affecting their opponent's energy instead of dealing damage with hits. Their arcade/DS effects can involve sapping and healing from the foe's HP, and their TCG Abilities often allow you to gain Life Points and Dino Slash previously defeated Dinosaurs, though these useful abilities typically mean that they have far less Power than other Dinosaurs of their same Level.

It is possible that the reason why most Grass Moves are Assist Moves is that the general image of ornithopod dinosaurs is often portrayed as physically weak, as many of them don't have horns or other special features that would allow them to effectively defend themselves against carnivores. Because of this image, Grass Dinosaurs in Dinosaur King are forced to summon larger sauropods or agile pterosaurs for help. This images is also often shown in the anime because, despite some strength, Paris is possibly the weakest of the six main dinosaurs and, with a few exeptions ("mother bear" Maiasaura, agile Fukuisaurus, giant Shantungosaurus) most of the Grass Dinosaurs who appeared in the anime were not particularly strong fighters.



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