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Fire Dinosaurs (炎) are the tyrannosaurids and carcharodontosaurids, as well as the largest, strongest members of numerous theropod families, often from the same ones that also contain Wind Dinosaurs (Abelisauridae, Megalosauridae, Metriacanthosauridae, and Allosauridae). These dinosaurs are resistant to Wind Moves but weak to Water Moves, and their Move Cards are strong against Wind Dinosaurs and weak against Water Dinosaurs. In the anime, Fire Dinosaur cards can be activated by any source of fire, flames, or ember sparks.

Their Move Cards involve flames, oftentimes coming from their mouths. Their arcade/DS effects usually involve dealing extra damage, and their TCG Abilities typically involve increasing their own Power, making your opponent lose extra Life Points, or otherwise only or best working during the player's turn, as they are apex predators naturally on the offensive.



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Fire Dinosaurs


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