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Earth Dinosaurs (土) are from the Thyreophora group, which includes stegosaurians and ankylosaurians (Ankylosauridae, Nodosauridae, and "polacanths"). These dinosaurs are resistant to Lightning Moves but weak to Grass Moves, and their Move Cards are strong against Lightning Dinosaurs and weak against Grass Dinosaurs. In the anime, Earth Dinosaur cards can be activated by contact with dirt, rocks, or any other form of "earth".

Their Move Cards often involve the use of sharp, glowing, purple crystals, or the ground around your opponent. Their arcade/DS effects often involve boosting their defenses, and their TCG Abilities are varying, but typically involve letting them stay in play if they lose, but a common theme is that most work either best or only during your opponent's turn while you're on the defensive, given these animals' naturally defensive stature.



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Earth Dinosaurs


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