This is a list of Dinosaur King episodes from Season 1 of the anime. Season 2 is found at and called Mesozoic Meltdown (or "Pterosaur Legends" in the original Japanese version).

As of late 2014, all Dinosaur King episodes have been removed from Hulu, and were for a time listed as Private (unviewable by the public) on 4Kids' official YouTube channel, but most have since returned to their YouTube channel (though a few random episodes are still blocked). However, the episodes can still be watched in "nonofficial" capacity on websites like YouTube and Dailymotion.


Kyoryu King1

The original series' Japanese logo

1. Prehistory in the Making
2. Battle at the Pyramids
3. Tanks a Lot!
4. Bungle in the Jungle
5. Rubble Trouble
6. Don't Mess with Maiasaura
7. A Game Show Showdown
8. Maui Owie!
9. Dino Snore!
10. Downtown Runaround
11. Alpha Bets It All
12. Alpha's Zeta Point
13. Escape from Zeta Point
14. Child's Play
15. Volcanic Panic
16. All Fired Up!
17. Field of Screams
18. Dance Evolution
19. The Big Apple Grapple
20. Tee'd Off
21. No Free Lunch
22. Just Plane Crazy
23. A Loch Ness Mess
24. Fashion Victims
25. A Miner Disaster
26. Double or Nothing
27. Carnival of Chaos
28. Daddy Dearest
29. Rhino or Dino?
30. Dinosaur Amour!
31. Temple Tempest
32. Falls Alarm!
33. Battle Royale!
34. Ninja Nightmare!
35. Ruff and Ready
36. Metal Imbalance
37. Dueling Dinos
38. Mythical Mix-Up
39. Beast or Famine
40. A Mesozoic Mess
41. Lights, Camera, Destruction!
42. Planes, Trains, and Dinosaurs
43. Vaccination Vacation
44. A Kyoto Caper
45. Santa Saurus!
46. Full Scheme Ahead
47. Tricks of the Traitor
48. One Final Move
49. Dinosaur War!


  • The 4KidsTV videos page initially split this season into two Season headers between episodes 26 and 27, but with episode 45 (the Christmas episode) missing. Later, episode 45 was strangely added to the end of "Season 1", with all of Mesozoic Meltdown being added in under "Season 2". Eventually, the true season split (between episodes 49 and 50) was implemented, but the website fell into disuse soon after and was shut down.
    • In fairness, 26 is a standard number of episodes for a cartoon show's season to have, and episode 27 was the first to air on the CW 4Kids' Saturday morning block, possibly having transferred mid-run from another channel. In terms of story flow, however, there is no obvious separation point in season 1 besides introducing a new Dino Holder function.


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