Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Blizzard Smash is a Secret Move Card exclusive to Cryolophosaurus.


Arcade Stats[]

Blizzard Smash

Blizzard Smash in the arcade

  • Attribute: Secret
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Used by: Cryolophosaurus
  • Usage Condition: You must win on two or three turns prior to this Move being able to activate.
  • Effect: Send a conical icy blast from your mouth to freeze your opponent in a glacier, then ram through it and send them tumbling!
  • Other: Like all Secret Moves, it has no actual card; simply swipe a Scissors Normal Move Card listing any recommended Technique to access this Move.

Anime Stats[]

Blizzard Smash (Cryolophosaurus) 06

Cryolophosaurus using Blizzard Smash

  • Attribute: Secret
  • Owner: Seth (formerly Space Pirates)
  • Used By: Cryolophosaurus
  • Debut: The Search for the Last Cosmos Stone
  • Used to Defeat: Gigas, Armatus, Maximus (not truly defeated, but rendered incapacitated)
  • Effect: With cold mist trailing from your jaws, send a cylindrical icy blast from your mouth, sharp ice spikes growing beneath the funnel, ice covering the ground before extending up to freeze over your opponent as a glacier! It can affect multiple nearby dinosaurs at once, and instead of the blast freezing them, the ice spikes can also knock them aside.
  • Other: Like all Secret Moves, it has no actual card, being an inherent ability usable by Cryolophosaurus when desired or on command.


  • While this Move never technically defeated a dinosaur, it did freeze Gigas, Armatus, and Maximus in a glacier, effectively taking them out of the battle.
  • Like all Secret Moves, it has no presence in the TCG even though its user does, Secret Dinosaurs there instead being able to use any Element of Super Move assuming they meet the card's other conditions.



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