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Blackbeard is the leader of a band of pirates featured as antagonists during the Caribbean Sea Arc of Mesozoic Meltdown (ep. 55-58), loosely based on his real-world counterpart, whose real name was Edward Teach, a notorious English pirate that worked around the West Indies and the East Coast of the American colonies. In the anime, he sides with the Spectral Space Pirates in pursuit of treasure. He is voiced by Marc Thompson in the English dub.

Character Design[]

He fits the description of a stereotypical pirate, sporting a talking pet parrot and speaking in a hoarse sailor dialogue. Blackbeard is a rather tall, hulking man with notably wide shoulders, long and spiky hair that extends from the sides and down near his chest, and a beard that he braided which also extends down to his chest. Dark bags around eyes and exposed tear troughs under them provide him with a stern look. He wears a blue jacket with red-yellow cuffs at the end. Over his jacket he wears a large tan strapped bag which keeps the map and his dragon gun.


As reputation precedes him, Blackbeard was a notorious and yet shrewd pirate captain. Instead of using strategy, Blackbeard settled in using force, relying more on his fearsome appearance to inflict fear on others to when he robbed his victims to much of his pleasure. Blackbeard is greedy and his ambition is persistent and he will do anything to get complete his goals, this includes endangering the safety of his own crew.

In contrast to his historical counterpart and more reflecting the generic Caribbean pirate of media, Dinosaur King's Blackbeard is ruthless to his crew and at the slightest sign of weakness will dispose of them. He is also treacherous and manipulative, always intending to go back on his alliance with the Spectral Space Pirates after finding the treasure.

He often boast about his own prowess and accomplishments, such as claiming he fought sea monsters with his bare hands as a kid, wrestled live sharks for their teeth, he could make ghosts fear the living, and that a raging storm should be the one afraid of him. He even keeps a parrot on his shoulder that parrots generic praise towards him.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

At some point, Blackbeard made a partnership with a corrupt British Army Officer, whose soldiers he works with in 1718, burning Jim and his father's ship as the soldiers give chase when they slip away, intent on capturing the treasure map to a mystical yellow jewel they possess. When the pair stumble upon the D-Team in Dinosaurs of the Caribbean, Blackbeard fearlessly stares down a full-sized Chomp before the four kids escape. He takes Jim's father prisoner, but finds he doesn't have the map, only for the Space Pirates to offer their help. Following the kids, he overhears that Jim still has the map, chasing him down until the boy trips, and retrieving the map from inside Jim's belt (a classic trick for beginning treasure hunters) only for pet-sized Chomp to steal it. The intruding dinosaur battle quickly leads to it getting stepped on by Diceratops and torn in half, Gabbro retrieving the half with the 'X', but Blackbeard is prevented from going after Chomp by full-sized Ace and Paris, rushing off.

In X-Treme Map Quest, Blackbeard sets out to find the treasure, though the missing half of the map makes the X-marked island hard to locate on the sea, his pirates making a stop to find they're on the wrong island and moving to the next one, also appearing to have no luck here despite digging up most of the beach, when the D-Team stumbles onto them. After Gabbro loses the dinosaur fight, Blackbeard calls a retreat, but they acquire Jim after he's slapped away from kissing Zoe. Upon finding out Jim doesn't have the other map half anymore, Blackbeard decides to offer him back to the D-Team for it.

They make the trade in High Sea Chase, Blackbeard heading off for the treasure until a gathering storm makes him stop to wait it out…until Foolscap convinces him to push through it anyway. Within sight of the island, the Alpha Pirate Ship catches up with its jets, surprising the antique pirates until they run out of power, Foolscap summoning Jobaria to tow the ship through the worsening storm after Blackbeard is forced to take in the sails. After a losing dinosaur fight where Jim snuck aboard and swiped the map back from him, the ships are found by the British Navy Captain, Blackbeard slipping away to find the treasure.

In Amazing Treasure Race!, Blackbeard is upset his first mate Copper can't remember what the map looked like (he can't either), discovering Copper's only a wannabe pirate for having a fake eyepatch, but Shear has a copy. Sailing through a tunnel, his ship hits a rock spike that triggers the island to start sinking, reshaping to match the map. He finds Jim has snuck aboard again, who stops him from shooting a cannon at the pursuing Alpha Pirate Ship, but they emerge atop a mountain, the ship going over a waterfall and splintering. Blackbeard and Copper remain on a patch of broken planks with the steering wheel, but he kicks Copper off for pointing out a dinosaur fight instead of the treasure; he climbs back aboard, Blackbeard begrudgingly accepting him as a true pirate for surviving "walking the plank". Then the Navy Captain arrives and arrests them and the rest of his crew, having the testimony of the also-arrested corrupt Army Officer for Blackbeard's crimes.



  • In reality Blackbeard originally meets his fate during the battle with Maynard's men, but because the D-Team and Alpha Gang changed part of the timeline in the anime, this event was never to happen, presumbly leaving Blackbeard's fate unknown after his arrest.
  • Unlike in anime, Blackbeard in reality was cooperative and relied on his crew's permission.


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