Edward TeachWikipedia, more commonly known as Blackbeard, was a notorious English pirate that worked around the West Indies and the East Coast of the American colonies. Although little is known about his life, it's likely that he was born Bristol, England. He sides with the Spectral Space Pirates. He is voiced by Marc Thompson in the English dub.

Character DesignEdit

He fits the description of a stereotypical pirate, sporting a talking pet parrot and speaking in a hoarse sailor dialogue. Blackbeard is a tall hulking man with long and spiky hair that extends from the sides and down near his chest, and he has a beard that he braided which also extends down to his chest. Dark bags around eyes and exposed tear troughs under them provide him with a stern look. He wears a blue jacket with red-yellow cuffs at the end. Over his jacket he wears a large tan strapped bag which keeps the map and his dragon gun.


As reputation preceives him, Blackbeard was a notorious and yet shrewd pirate captain. Instead of using stragety, Blackbeard settled in using force, relying more on his fearsome appearance to inflict fear on others to when he robbed his victims to much of his pleasure. Blackbeard is greedy and his ambition are persistant and will do anything to get complete his goals, this includes endangering the safety of his own crew, Blackbeard is excruible and ruthless to his crew and if the sign of weakness will dispose of them. He is also treacherous and manipulative which works as an asset towards his enemies (example is his truce with the Spectral Space Pirates).




  • In reality Blackbeard originally meets his fate during the battle with Maynard's men, but because the D-Team and Alpha Gang changed part of the timeline in the anime, this event was never to happen, presumbly leaving Blackbeard's fate unknown.
  • Unlike in anime, Blackbeard in reality was cooperative and relied on his crew's permission.
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