Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

As the arcade's iterations evolved, there were many waves of arcade cards released. Each new wave generally included at least several new cards mixed among an array of re-released previous cards (for a total which reached around 100 per), but few other than the first several waves were large enough to feature every card at once (while many featured most or all Moves and Super Moves thus far, only about 5-8 Dinosaurs of each Element were included per wave, including new additions).

There were three language versions of arcade cards: Japanese, English, and Mandarin Chinese (Taiwanese). Both the English and Taiwanese versions (on a year or two delay) had vaguely followed the Japanese 2006 series, often mashing multiple waves' new cards into one and being several edition numbers off at any given point, but faithfully followed the Japanese 2007 series. They updated up until their respective Series 2/New 4th Editions (equivalent to the Japanese 2007 4th Edition & 2007 4th Edition+) and included the anime dinosaurs (Chomp, Ace, Paris, Terry, Spiny, Tank, & Black Tyrannosaurus; except for the English version), but that is where the two largely ended. In Taiwan, the Japanese version directly replaced the Taiwanese version, but in English-speaking areas, the game simply disappeared.

Surprisingly enough, the Taiwanese version was able to create a final update for itself to include the dinosaurs that would be later on added in the Japanese version's Gekizan 1st Edition (Rajasaurus, Isisaurus, etc.). However, the final additions were only there to fill out the card list already programmed into the arcade machine before the Gekizan update but not yet given cards.

Due to the Japanese official website's shutdown, sources are based on Japanese forums, blogs, tournament videos, and other archived images.

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Japanese Versions[]

The names of these waves are translated directly from Japanese sources. "Gekizan" is from the arcade website's URL, and is a portmanteau of "Gekitou" and "Zanjark", or "Fierce Battle" and the Space Pirates' Japanese name; this is the full name of these waves. "Kakushin" is also from the arcade website's URL and combines "Kakusei" and "Shin", or "Awakening" and "New"; these words are synonyms for part of these waves' full name.

English Versions[]

The English Series 1 largely parallels the Japanese 2006 series, though there are a few shortcuts early on, condensing several early waves and leading to different edition numbers for the same card collections later in the series, and Nemesis is a simple re-release of the 1st Edition. Series 2 mostly follows the 2007 series, while merging the "+" waves with those around them. English releases ended before adapting the Gekizan or Kakushin waves.

Taiwanese Versions[]

The Taiwanese Series 1 was roughly the same as the English Series 1, though yet again not all edition numbers matched. The Taiwanese Series 2 ("New") editions were the same as their English counterparts, but Taiwan also created their own "New 5th Edition"; it recycles some artwork from previous editions for some repeated cards but also features entirely new art on others. After this, Dinosaur King officially stopped updating in Taiwan, along with the English versions, and had been overtaken by other arcade games. Unlike the English version, which simply stopped, the Taiwanese version was instead fully replaced by the Japanese version in Taiwan, and so followed those releases.

Equivalents between all versions[]

Japanese English Taiwanese
1st Edition 1st Edition V1 1st Edition V1 (English copy)
2nd Edition 1st Edition V2/Extension & Nemesis Edition (most cards)
(Nemesis released after the 2008 Special Edition)
1st Edition V2/Extension (most cards) (English copy)
3rd Edition 1st Edition V2/Extension & Nemesis Edition (new cards only)
(Nemesis released after the 2008 Special Edition)
1st Edition V2/Extension (new cards only) (English copy)
2006 Rainy Season Limited Edition 2008 Special Edition (released after the Eng 5th Edition) 2008 Limited Edition (released after the Tai 4th Edition)
4th Edition 2nd Edition (Dinosaurs use Jap 3rd Edition or original art) 2nd Edition (Dinosaurs use Jap 3rd Edition or original art)
5th Edition 3rd Edition None
2006 Winter Season Limited Edition 4th Edition 3rd Edition
6th Edition 5th Edition (some Dinosaurs use Eng 2nd Edition art) 4th Edition (some Dinosaurs use Tai 2nd Edition art)
2007 1st Edition Series 2 1st Edition New 1st Edition
2007 1st Edition+ None; new cards instead debut in S2 2nd Edition None; new cards instead debut in New 2nd Edition
2007 2nd Edition Series 2 2nd Edition New 2nd Edition
2007 3rd Edition Series 2 3rd Edition New 3rd Edition
2007 4th Edition None; new cards instead debut in S2 4th Edition None; new cards instead debut in New 4th Edition
2007 4th Edition+ Series 2 4th Edition New 4th Edition
None None New 5th Edition
Gekizan 1st Edition Discontinued Replaced by Japanese
Gekizan 2nd Edition
Gekizan 2nd Edition+
Gekizan 3rd Edition
Kakushin 1st Edition
Kakushin 2nd Edition
Kakushin 3rd Edition
Kakushin 4th Edition
Kakushin 5th Edition Super Ω
Kakushin 6th Edition Hyper Battle Museum

Japanese Card Lists[]

English Card Lists[]


Taiwanese Card Lists[]


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