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Amy (細川海, Umi Hosokawa) is a girl from the same school as the D-Team kids. She is voiced by Veronica Taylor in the English dub.

Character Design[]

Amy has short dark hair with fair skin and brown eyes, and wears a navy sweater under a blue jumpsuit, white stockings, and maroon trainers.


Amy is very timid, though very fond of lizards. Amy had never had any friends until she met Euoplocephalus.


Her and the D-Team's class goes on a field trip to the Limestone Cave in No Free Lunch. On the bus ride there, Zoe sits with her and starts a conversation, sparking interest from the quiet and shy Amy when lizards are mentioned, revealing her pet iguana "Hannah" had to be left behind when she moved to the city. After wandering away from the class's lunch break while chasing a lizard, Amy finds and befriends Euoplocephalus, naming it "Hannah II", hanging around with it until the D-Team stumbles onto them, followed by the Alpha Gang. Though Euoplocephalus shields Amy from the stalactites Spiny knocked down, it is defeated, Rex pulling Amy out of the middle of the battle as she passes out. Though Max retrieved its card, they simply let Amy know that Euopolocephalus has gone to be with its friends. On their way out of the cave, however, Amy realizes the lizard she was chasing hitched a ride in her outfit, and adopts it as "Hannah III" ("Euoploc" in the Japanese version).


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