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Dinosaur King

The Amargasaurus model is shown having long keratinous spikes down its neck; at the time this was considered a plausible reconstruction of Amargasaurus, however it is now considered likeliest that Amargasaurus would've had a sail-like display structure instead.

General Statistics[]


full-sized Amargasaurus

  • Name: Amargasaurus cazaui
  • Name Meaning: Lizard from La Amarga
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Length: 10 meters (33 feet)
  • Time Period: Early Cretaceous (130-123 MYA)
  • Classification: Diplodocoidea --> Dicraeosauridae
  • Place Found: Argentina
  • Describer: Bonaparte, 1991

Dinosaur King Statistics[]

Arcade Stats[]

Amargasaurus card

Amargasaurus arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 2nd Edition+)

  • Attribute: Water
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Strength: 1800
  • Technique: 400
    • Compatibility: Tab 2
  • Attack:
    • Scissors (Critical): 890
    • Rock/Paper: 380
  • Types:
    • Attack Type (Japanese 2006 series; English & Taiwanese Series 1; Taiwanese New 5th Edition)
    • Crisis Type (Japanese 2007 series; English Series 2; Taiwanese New Series)
    • Charge Type (Japanese Gekizan series)
    • Paper-Paper Type (Japanese Kakushin series)
    • Revival Type (on the data of the Alpha Fortress)
  • Arcade Nickname:
    • Japanese: 勇壮なる鬣
    • English: The Brave Mane
    • Taiwanese: 勇壯的鬍鬚
  • Card Rarity: Silver
  • Other: Eoraptor can transform into an Amargasaurus.


Anime Stats[]

Amargasaurus card

Amargasaurus anime card

  • Attribute: Water
  • Nickname: Nessie (English dub)
  • Owner: Wild, Max Taylor (D-Team); Spectral Space Pirates
  • Location: Loch Ness, Scotland
  • Debut: A Loch Ness Mess
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: None
  • Defeated by: Chomp
  • Other: Immediately after seeing it, Ursula called Amargasaurus "Nessie" and referred to it as a "she", but this may simply have been her clinging to the wrong assumption that it was the Loch Ness Monster, and therefore the gender may not be accurate to the dinosaur itself.

DS Stats[]

Amargasaurus Earth

Amargasaurus DS battle intro

TCG Stats[]

Amargasaurus (DKPM)[]

Amargasaurus dkpm

Amargasaurus TCG card (DKPM) (German)

(Unnamed Figure Ability) When you Dino Slash this Dinosaur, put its figure on it. If this Dinosaur has its figure on it when it wins a battle, remove its figure. Then, both players can draw 1 card.


Amargasaurus TCG Card

Amargasaurus TCG card (DKCG)

[Bonus] When this Dinosaur wins a battle, draw 1 card.

Roaring Amargasaurus[]

Amargasaurus-Roaring TCG Card

Roaring Amargasaurus TCG card

  • Element: Water
  • Icon: Rock
  • Power: 1800
  • Level: 5
  • Life: 3
  • Card Code: DKTB-009/100, DKTB-094/100
  • Card Rarity: Silver Rare, Colossal Rare
  • Image From: Ep. 23 anime scene
  • Abilities:
[Super Bonus] When this Dinosaur uses a Super Move and wins the battle, draw 1 card.

Bellowing Amargasaurus[]


Bellowing Amargasaurus TCG card (Thai)

  • Element: Water
  • Icon: Scissors
  • Power: 1900
  • Level: 6
  • Life: 3
  • Card Code: JCL-009/100
  • Card Rarity: Thai Common
  • Image From: Ep. 23 anime scene
  • Abilities:
[Refreshing Spring] {translation uncertain} {When this Dinosaur uses a Normal Move card, you can draw 1 card.}


Dinosaur King[]

Amargasaurus' card was activated underwater in Loch Ness, Scotland, in A Loch Ness Mess when the Alpha Gang's submarine crashing knocked its Card Capsule loose. When it surfaced, it was briefly mistaken by the Alpha Gang as the legendary sea monster "Nessie", the Loch Ness Monster, which the characters had been there looking for before the card had even activated. It fled from the Ursula-headed "Lady Nessie" disguise for the submarine, so the Alpha Gang launched a battalion of white Alpha Droids at it. Angered to the point of deciding that everything was an enemy, when Chomp tried to help it, Amargasaurus attacked him, too, even as Spiny joined the fight. However, after Spiny was defeated by Paris, Chomp knocked Amargasaurus away and defeated it with Lightning Spear. Its card was claimed by Max.

Another Amargasaurus was seen in the Alpha Gang's amusement park in Carnival of Chaos, but its control device malfunctioned because it was starving, letting it run loose in the park with the rest of the dinosaurs. The controller was removed by pet-sized Chomp, turning it back into a card, which was retrieved by an Alpha Droid and never seen again.

A herd of Amargasaurus were seen in Max's dream in Metal Imbalance.

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Another Amargasaurus was seen on the Space Pirates' ship in Two Shoguns Are Better Than One. It and the other dinosaurs were released by Dr. Drake in Desert Heat to distract the Gel Jarks when the D-Teams' kidnapped parents tried making their escape, Amargasaurus being made extra frantic by seeing Dr. Drake's giant needle and being told it was time for its shots.

Character Design[]


Not much is known about the personality of Amargasaurus as it only appeared halfway through its episode, but it seems to be one of the more aggressive dinosaurs in the anime, though only in response to being angered, as its first instinct was to try and leave when the Alpha Gang appeared. This temper led it to get into a wild berserker fit where it viewed every other dinosaur as an enemy, not heeding what exactly those dinosaurs were doing to try to protect it. Amargasaurus strangely seemed to only focus on Chomp (who initially showed no aggression toward it for a long time), even when it saw how Chomp fight against Spiny (who had clearly showed aggression toward it). Amargasaurus may have misinterpreted the situation in its anger, but in any case this temper eventually forced the D-Team to defeat it themselves.


A poorly-documented Pterosaur Legends-based volume of the manga featured an exclusive Spectral Armor Amargasaurus under the Space Pirates' control to fight the D-Team.


  • Dr. Taylor's arcade comments:
    • Japanese: 首に2れつにならんだ長いトゲを持つ草食恐竜だ。このトゲは首の骨がのびたものだ。
    • English: A herbivore with two rows of long spines along its neck. These spines are extensions of its neck bones.
    • Taiwanese: 在脖子的部分有著兩列長刺的草食恐龍,這個刺是脖子部分的骨頭變長之後的東西。
  • DS Game Encyclopedia entry: A herbivore with two rows of long spines. These spines are extensions of its neck bones.
  • It is the first Silver rarity Water Dinosaur card in the arcade.
  • Along with Spinosaurus, Baryonyx, Saltasaurus, Suchomimus, Camarasaurus, Irritator, Patagosaurus, Opisthocoelicaudia, and Ampelosaurus, it is one of the available dinosaurs in the Japanese and Taiwanese non-sale Water Egg card.
  • Along with Carnotaurus, Megaraptor, Giganotosaurus, Patagosaurus, and Irritator, it is one of the available dinosaurs in the Japanese non-sale South American Egg card.
  • One of Amargasaurus' arcade cards (07 2nd/S2 2nd/New 2nd) featured two flying Tapejara in the background, a rare feature of another species in arcade art.
  • Amargasaurus has a slightly altered version of the English dub roar used for many other sauropods: Saltasaurus, Seismosaurus, and Shunosaurus.
  • The TCG and DS game list its length as 39 feet instead of the more accurate 30-33 feet.



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