Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Alpha Metal is a metal alloy essential to the Alpha Gang's operations. It has a silvery appearance, sometimes with a purple tint or a glittering rainbow-like surface.


Alpha Metal (unrefined)

Alpha Metal (unrefined)

Alpha Metal is described as a "rare and highly adaptive alloy" used to coat the reactor cores of the Alpha Gang, and is also used in various other applications with their technology and equipment.


The Alpha Trio is typically sent out to retrieve Alpha Metal (and they typically fail). They search for it in A Miner Disaster (where they brought back a boulder of Alpha Metal that was smaller than a marble after being refined), Temple Tempest (where they had to leave without the Alpha Metal they found in the eyes of the crystal skull), and Metal Imbalance (where they had to find a way to fully refine a six-inch-diameter ball of Alpha Metal, condensed from a boulder found in Antarctica, before it could be usable).


Alpha Metal (100% pure)

Alpha Metal (refined)

Alpha Metal is found in small quantities around the world, but it is unrefined and typically in large boulders. It can be refined in working reactors with cores coated with Alpha Metal, which is a problem for the Alpha Gang, who constantly find that they need refined Alpha Metal to coat their reactor cores, but can't refine the Alpha Metal they have without a working reactor, though they rarely have spare Alpha Metal in the first place.

In Metal Imbalance, Seth drops a capsule filled with powdered Dinomond Amber into a vat of molten iron to refine the ball of Alpha Metal.


Alpha Counter

Zander holding Alpha Counter

The Alpha Gang is shown in A Miner Disaster to be able to detect the presence of Alpha Metal using a device called an Alpha Counter that works in a manner similar to a long-range metal detector. It has a display screen with a horseshoe magnet shape that fills up more the closer the detector is to Alpha Metal.