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Aladdin (also Aladdin in Japanese) is a young man that the D-Team and Zahrah meet during the Ancient Persia Arc of Mesozoic Meltdown (ep. 67-70). He is vaguely based on his literary and subsequent Disney counterparts, and is voiced by Wayne Grayson in the English dub.

Character Design[]

Aladdin is based on the character of the same name from classical Arabian folklore, whose story was added to the compilation "One Thousand and One Nights" in a later French translation, other aspects of which are influential to the Ancient Persia arc. His physical appearance is based off the adaptation of the character from the popular Disney film.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Initially a conman who sells fake genie lamps with his partner Jon-Jon in 757 AD, he falls in love with Princess Zahrah upon seeing her and helps her and the D-Team evade the 39 Thieves by taking them to his hideout. He tries to help sneak them into the Thief-controlled palace via a secret passage he knows the door to after having seen the bandits using it, but they are surrounded at the entrance by Zayid and the Thieves; the D-Team suspects Aladdin sold them out, but it was actually Jon-Jon, who leaves with the reward money. However, the group is attacked by Shear, accidentally sealing the secret passage in the ensuing dinosaur battle. When Shear makes one more grab at Zahrah, Aladdin tackles the Space Pirate to let them escape, quickly getting caught by the Thieves as Shear leaves and being thrown into the dungeon.

Eventually picking the lock to his cell in Malice in the Palace, he then frees who he thinks is the Sultan in the next cell, but Dr. Z runs off when the actual Sultan in the cell after that points out his mistake. He frees the real Sultan shortly before a dinosaur battle takes out the water tower and floods the dungeon, washing all three of them away. They make it out, Aladdin joining the Sultan as he finds Zayid and Rasheed cornered by dinosaurs and has them arrested by loyal palace guards. Aladdin then finds Shear threatening Zahrah at the edge of the palace roof, lassoing Shear's wings closed to let her fall, and getting a kiss thank you from the Princess, stunning him. Though it's implied Aladdin will be sticking around at the palace, he quickly realizes that gesture wasn't special when Zahrah kisses each of the D-Team and their dinos goodbye before they are teleported back to the Backlander, disappointed Zahrah doesn't think he's special.


  • In the English dub, Aladdin's name isn't actually said onscreen until his second episode, where the D-Team suddenly know his name after being separated from him, likely due to a script oversight. In the Japanese version, not only is his name said in his first episode, but Max/Ryuta recognizes the story he's from when they see him selling his magic lamps (before realizing it's a fraud); knowing the name "Aladdin" from elsewhere is never mentioned in the English dub. However, Aladdin may have introduced himself off-screen.


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