Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Aki Taylor is the wife of Spike Taylor and the mother of Max Taylor. She plays a relatively minor role in the series. She is a sketchbook artist and housewife. She is voiced by Veronica Taylor in the English dub.


Dinosaur King[]

Aki's role in the 1st season were minor throughout the series, she never suspects that Chomp and the others are actually dinosaurs, but believes they are weird looking dogs (her husband's idea for a cover story). When visiting Spain in A Mesozoic Mess, she is roared at by an Allosaurus, causing her to faint; this was her first time seeing a card dinosaur she didn't think was fake (which happened in Carnival of Chaos).

By the end of the series, the truth about the dinosaurs, the D-Team's adventures, and the Alpha Gang were revealed not just to her, but the whole world; although Spike told her a lie, she forgave the team for keeping secrets.

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Aki plays a more important role in the Mesozoic Meltdown. She is abducted in the first episode along with the other parents by the Spectral Space Pirates, and stays in captivity until the finale. She participates in the breakout, although she is quickly recaptured by the Gel Jarks.



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