The A-Team (or Alpha Trio) is the group consisting of Ursula, Zander, and Ed, who usually try to capture wild dinosaurs, but more often than not fail miserably. The actual term "A-Team" is only used once or so in the show, as they typically only use the name "Alpha Gang" for themselves, even though that term could also imply several other members.


Episode capture 4 1

(from left to right) Zander, Ursula and Ed


Ursula is the "boss" of the A-Team. She bosses the other two around like slaves and dislikes doing the work unless provoked, or if the other two are unable to fulfill the duty. Her running gag is her ability to hear the phrase "Old Lady" from anywhere in the world. She often summons Terry, but will just as easily summon Spiny, and sometimes Tank.


Zander is the one who pays for all the Alpha Trio's missions. Oftentimes, though, the missions fail. He typically summons Spiny, rarely using any other dinosaur.


Ed is not as smart as Ursula and Zander (not saying much), and doesn't understand figures of speech, taking things quite literally. A running gag is that Ed jinxes the team, and is called out for that. He almost always summons Tank, but is the least likely of the three to summon a dinosaur to battle.


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